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What Should I Write My College Essays About?

Have you ever wondered what you should write your college essay about? Well, of course the topic of your essay will really depend on which subject or course you must write the essay for. Each essay has different instructions and might need a specific structure given by your lecturer, but there are some general tips that could be applied when choosing any essay topic.

Following is a list of the top 5 tips to keep in mind when choosing your next essay topic. Essays are usually used as ways of portraying knowledge gained through research and the following tips can be kept in mind when trying to decide on what to write your next college essay on.

1. Research Something New 

Markers like to see that a student has done more effort than just regurgitate the opinions and arguments of other sources. They like to see you come up with your own ideas and come to your own conclusions, with the assistance and factual support of other sources.

So next time you have to choose a research topic for your college essay, no matter what the subject, try to look at things in a novel way and write something new that has not been researched and written about a lot. It might be more difficult to find sources, because it has been research less, but there are ways to do this successfully.

2. Choose a Topic with Enough Sources 

Often times one thinks of a brilliant idea for an essay topic, but once you do research you find little or no useful research has been done and you cannot find sources to use for your essay research.

Reformulating your essay topic could waste a lot of time; rather start looking for sources as you start formulating a topic to see whether you will have enough resources to work with. Writing an essay with too little sources could lead to a poor argument with little information and facts. It is rarely a good idea to write an essay with a small amount of sources.

3. Choose a Relevant Topic

When choosing an essay topic, make sure that it is relevant to your field. Writing an essay topic on a subject not related to your field, could leave you with a failed essay no matter how well you have discussed and presented your topic .

Another way that an essay could be seen as relevant is when there is an area of under researched information. Try to choose a topic that needs research in your field and you might possibly provide new insight into the topic.

4. Take a New Approach 

Taking a new approach on a commonly researched topic and giving it a new spin could make for a good essay topic. Mostly people write about things that have already been written about by several authors, but there are always counter arguments in academic fields that might be less popular. Choosing an alternative view and taking a new approach on a well-researched topic might get you those extra marks for your college essay.

5. Choose a Topic You Love 

Choose a topic or approach to a given topic that appeal to you, something you are interested in. Since you are going to spend hours reading on your chosen topic, you might as well choose one you like. Writing an essay about something you are passionate about could have many benefits. You might be able to better understand what you read about it and you would be more interested in doing research. Consequently this could help you formulate a better essay discussion.

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