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What College Social Life is Really Like?

There are a lot of things to look forward to when you go to college. In addition to learning new things and attaining a degree, there are a lot of social opportunities as well. Of course, you've probably heard a lot about the partying and protesting that occurs on college campuses, but those certainly aren't the only chances you'll get to socialize.

  1. In the Dorms

    When you move into the dorm, you have plenty of built in social opportunities. You'll get to spend time studying, eating and relaxing with your roommate, but you can also make plenty of friends in the cafeteria and the common areas. Because you're thrown together in close quarters, it's pretty much impossible not to socialize with those around you on a daily basis.
  2. Attending Events

    Just because you're in college doesn't mean that you only get to socialize with people while you're on campus. As you make friends, you'll be able to go with them to concerts, mixers, bars and other events in the area around your college. Even if you haven't made a lot of new friends yet, you can go to these places and meet new people in no time.
  3. It's A Lot Easier

    After finishing middle school and high school, you are probably used to worrying about what other people think all the time. It's not quite like that in college. Everyone is new, especially when you're freshman, and that takes a lot of the pressure off. You'll all be looking for friends and won't have to worry about being judged. People tend to grow up a lot between high school and college, so making new connections tends to be easier for college students.
  4. Clubs and Groups

    When you get to college, you will be shocked at the plethora of clubs and groups there are. Seek out those that allow you to foster your passions and interests and you'll instantly meet people who share your same interests. The time spent with them gives you plenty of opportunities to socialize while you're in college.
  5. You'll Need to Try New Things

    Going to college will thrust you out of your comfort zone, but that's a good thing in many cases. When you try new things, you might be surprised that you make lots of new friends and find more chances to socialize than you can possibly manage.
  6. Parties and Protests

    Of course, there are always going to be parties and protests when you're in college too. Use caution when attending these events because the activities aren't always legal. That being said, being in a large crowd doing the same thing gives you a bonding opportunity and lets you socialize with fellow college students at the same time.

In essence, socializing in college is really no different than it is elsewhere. It's just with people you live with or are in close quarters with all the time. As you go through college, you'll meet lots of new people and you'll spend your time doing the things you love. You can manage that, can't you?